Medium Just Gifted the Top 1000 Writers an Extra $500

Here’s how you can find out if you received it.

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Medium has just sent emails to their top 1000 writers congratulating them on receiving “the most member reads, claps, and follows.” This striking achievement comes along with a $500 “one-time” bonus for keeping the wheels of the MPP going.

This means they’ve just paid half a million dollars! $500,000.

What Is This All About?

What does this mean for the future of Medium? Because a lot of people are jumping with joy from this unexpected gift. The first thing that comes to mind is that Medium wants people to stay on their platform and stay loyal.

Because if anything, this bonus I just received has motivated me to write so much more, so that definitely worked.

What Makes a Writer Fall in the Top 1000?

However, the real question is how does one become a top 1000 writer on this platform? For someone like me, with not even 300 followers on the platform, who published only eight stories last month, this begs the question of just how low the threshold is? Here is how the reward looks like:

Screenshot from the author’s account.

For scale, I’ve had 5,216 views in the last thirty days and average around 150 views a day.

This has also been my first $100+ month since I started writing on the platform in January of 2021 (my first story was published on the 31st December but I don't count it), as you can see below:

Screenshot from the author’s account.

The next curiosity that this surprising yet exhilarating gift arises, is if Medium is planning on introducing a base-pay system if you hit a certain threshold of views. My friend Akshad Singi from our Medium Whatsapp group chat says he prefers the current earning model, but a few others have differed in his opinion.

The Future of Medium

Do you think Medium could benefit from a base-pay model on top of the current MPP system?

For me, this is all a good sign from Medium once again. I’ve seen too many people complain in the last two months about a ‘drop in views’, such as the article below:

This is, of course, a massive positive and incentive for us writers to keep writing. It looks like Medium is planning some generous things to give back to their top writers in the near future, something is brewing! I can smell it.

To see if you have received the bonus you should have received an email to say so:

Screenshot from an email the author recieved.

If this email hasn't come to you yet, the extra $500 won't show on the little flip-down menu with all your earnings for the past completed periods, you have to click on the month of April and it should be there on top highlighted in green.

Let me know your thoughts on this below and where do you think Medium is heading with this?

And last but not least, thank you Medium!

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