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I never thought I’d write one of these, talking about myself is the last thing I’d ever want to do and every time I have to do it it’s a living nightmare. Perhaps writing an essay about myself may be easier

I’m writing this to commemorate my 18th birthday which is in two days as of now (10.03.21). I thought it’d be a nice way to ease myself into adulthood by putting myself out there to the world!

So here it is! Everything thus far from my short 18 years.

Who am I?

My name is Julian Alen Bašić.

I live in London…

The less mainstream philosophers have more to offer than you'd think.

An old 18th-century white man smoking a pipe, with a long white beard and a walking stick, sowls his face at society and lives secluded with nothing but his pen and paper.

When we think of philosophers, our minds tend to drift towards the influential 18th and 19th-century thinkers, who fit the description above. With names like Schopenhauer, Kant, Nietzche, Hegel, spring to mind.

Well, there is a whole other spectrum of influential thinkers we often don't hear much about. These individuals lived into the 21st century and their ideas often caused a revolution in thought and freedom of speech.

#3 The homeless dog philosopher of Ancient Greece and his lessons on freedom.

Philosophy is like a cushion that you can always fall back on when life slaps you in the face.

After going through some emotionally tough times myself in the last few weeks, I’ve had to really test my philosophy. It’s easy to dismiss philosophy when life is all good, but when you get down in the dumps and don't have that cushion to fall back on, it isn't fun.

That’s why we should all cultivate some type of philosophical meaning in our lives, even if it’s just in the background. Because I promise you, when you are battling life’s demons…

Over 1,600 pages of wisdom concentrated into five actionable lessons

Read one book and you absorb decades worth of life lessons and stories to change how you see the world. That’s all it takes to reshape your whole life. The joys of reading…

Nearly two years ago, I found myself in a dark place. I came to the overdue realization that the people around me were taking me down a path I didn't want to go down, one that went against what I stood for.

I left behind friends I grew up with, ones that became part of my family. For the first time in my life, I experienced true…

It was lonely at first. Then I became the person I always wanted to be.

Our friends are some of the most important people in our lives. Especially those we grow up with. We move through life together, we create memories that will last lifetimes, and most of all we are there for each other during the hardships that life hurls at us.

I think one of the most important aspects people often overlook in friendships, is how our peer groups influence who we are.

“You are the average of the five people you spend your most time with” — Jim Rohn

I always heard this quote being preached by business gurus but overlooked it…

From Ancient Greek cults to a call to return to hunter-gatherer societies.

Humans like to think of themselves as rational, intellectual beings, who have a strong grasp of reality. Well, this is true to some degree. Throughout history, obscure thinkers have risen from the ground putting forth ludicrous theories that leave someone with a rational thought process utterly perplexed.

Philosophy is perhaps the most commonplace for this to happen. This is because philosophy is a subjective, personal pursual and navigation of what it means to exist. Philosophy, unlike science or math, has no objective truth. …

Life isn't as logical as you think, let’s look at the philosophical simplicity.

Did you know the most complicated thing on earth is the human brain? It has 100 billion neurons.

Bit of a random fact you might be thinking, but it's to prove that nothing else needs to be as complicated as you think. The reason why we have all of this paradoxical over-complication is because we have become victims to a culture that normalizes becoming a prisoner to your own thoughts.

Instead of viewing everything through a blurred lens of unnecessary complications, we have the power to alter our perspective and therefore reshape the reality we are experiencing.

I can change…

Wise words from my favorite philosophers that offer me unmatchable comfort.

So, what are you doing with your life?”, “What gives you your drive in life?”, “Where do you see yourself in 30 years?”

To some people, these questions invoke a deep sense of anxiety, simply because of the uncertainty and pure embarrassment one may feel when they are at a complete loss for words. To those who could write essays on the questions above, congratulations, you guys are killing it.

But to those who feel like an aimless wandering soul in a meaningless universe, don’t worry. That’s really all I can say. Don’t worry. I’m a firm believer in fate…

My method for fusing different philosophical teachings to live more contently.

Where do philosophical ideas come from?

It’s a good question. There are many different philosophies nowadays, some originating from thousands of years ago, like Taoism, and other popular ones emerging as late as the 20th century, such as existentialism.

However, these unique and seemingly original philosophies don't come from out of the blue. The truth about philosophy is that each philosopher is inspired by one before him, using the basis of another person's teachings to create their own.

For example, Nietzsche, a famous existentialist philosopher, was influenced by Arthur Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer was inspired by Kant and Plato, and Kant was…

Ancient Eastern philosophy being weaved into a beautiful little story.

I just lost my wallet for the second time in 10 days. Yes, that’s right. I lost everything, my travel cards, my ID, my credit cards, gym membership cards. Quite unlucky some may say.

But then I replaced it all, so I had a fresh new wallet and all my cards back in my possession around 5 days after losing everything. The burden of misfortune had now disappeared.

But then yesterday, I lost it all again. Misfortune. “Why am I so unlucky…” I kept repeating to myself as I would beat myself up mentally. Now the question here is, what…

Julian Basić

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